• 3 Little-Known Benefits of Yoga for Children


    Yoga for children is a fun way for kids to learn the basics of yoga poses, breathing exercises and meditation. The poses are designed to strengthen and stretch the body, with benefits that are commonly talked about (increased strength, increased flexibility, lower stress etc). Beyond the well-known benefits of yoga, here are 3 additional benefits your child will receive from a yoga class here at Kinnect Studio:

    1. Interoception and proprioception- the mindfulness aspect of yoga classes may help improve your child’s ability to hone in on bodily sensations, and improve awareness of the body overall. These skills are essential for any athlete, dancer, etc. as they can help improve performance through awareness.
    2. Sense of self-confidence – Nicole uses invitational language in her classes, allowing students to choose between different variations of poses with many options offered. This subtle action of making a choice between poses translates to confidence in decision making, and a growing feeling of personal empowerment.
    3. Social – Because the classes move from group activities to games to quiet time to movement, there are many opportunities to interact with peers and make new friends. The classes begin with quiet colouring, followed by some open discussion about a relevant topic developing conversation skills. Kids also have the opportunity to lead some of the games as the program progresses, giving opportunity to develop leadership skills.

    You can register for the next session by contacting Nicole Allison at yoga@nicoleallison.ca.

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