• 4 Tips for Spine-Friendly Road Trips

    Road trips are an awesome way to see our country and visit new destinations. Who doesn’t love being in cramped spaces for prolonged periods of time with close friends or family?! The road trip adventure can take a toll on your body, especially your spine. Sitting in general puts tension on the low back, and when you add factors like little leg room, poor lumbar support, and stressful road conditions … sometimes your back and neck can just say ENOUGH!

    So, show some love to your spine, and remember these tips on your next road trip:

    Plan Ahead

    • Pre-plan your route and the stops you will take.
    • If you are staying overnight somewhere, do some research on your hotel. Call ahead and check if they have features like an elevator, a pool or fitness centre, and quality mattresses and pillows.

    Take frequent breaks

    • Even though breaks may add some time to your trip, they can save your spine! Take breaks often, and when you do, maybe go for a quick walk and get in some stretches.
    • If you can, switch up drivers as well.

    Pack Smart

    • Take along water and snacks to keep you satiated (and keep the kids pre-occupied). I love refreshing crunchy snacks like baby carrots, cut-up cucumber, and grapes. Prepared sandwiches are an easy lunch item, and scotch mints keep your mouth occupied and fresh.
    • If you have a great pillow you love, take it along on your trip.

    Dress the part

    • Wear comfortable clothing, including shoe wear! Items that are loose-fitting and breathable, and layered so you can adapt to different temperatures. Sometimes taking a nice thick or fuzzy sweater along can serve a dual purpose as blanket or propped up as a pillow for support.

    Of course we would love to see you before and after your trip to make sure your spine is well adjusted and muscles are loosened up. To book in with Dr. Irma, visit https://kinnectbradford.janeapp.com/#/staff_member/1.

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