• 5 Tips To Prevent Back Pain While With Your Baby

    For new parents, their average day usually consists of their baby crying, the telephone ringing, and the dog barking all at the same time. Throughout the day new parents are also faced with physical demands that can be strenuous on the back and body such as lifting, feeding, comforting, bathing, etc.

    Many people think a newborn usually weighs less than 10 pounds, therefore how strenuous can holding a baby be? Very. If a parent is lifting a baby 7-10 lbs 50 times a day, that’s more than 350 lbs lifted in one single day. By the 12 month mark, your infant will approximately weigh 17 pounds, and by 2 years old your not so little now-toddler will be approximately 25-30 lbs. The repetitive motion of lifting your baby as well as carrying your child can put you at risk for back injury.

    Below are some tips that can help prevent common pains and injuries:

    1. Lifting
    • Keep feet shoulder width apart when lifting
    • Keep back as straight as possible and bend your knees
    • Lift with your legs (Using pressure on your knees takes the pressure off your back)
    • Bring your infant as close as possible to your chest, and then lift using both arms
    2. Carrying
    • While carrying, pivot with your feet instead of twisting your back. This forces you to turn using your hips, therefore reducing the risk of back pain
    • Similar to point 2 and 3 in the lifting section, lower your child into crib or onto floor by bending your knees with a straight back
    3. Holding
    • Hold your child upright, directly against your chest
    • Do not carry your baby on your hip. Doing so creates postural imbalances that can lead to low back pain over time
    4. Feeding
    • Always use a chair with back support
    • Avoid leaning forward to reach your baby’s mouth
    • Use pillows or blankets to support and position your child closer to you

    Kinnect Studio will be having a breastfeeding workshop on Saturday, April 13 at 10:30 am. The workshop will be led by Chiropractor, Dr. Irma; Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Watson; and Doula Nicole Allison. To register for the workshop and learn more click here.

    5. Exercise
    • Getting daily physical activity can help improve your muscle support for an aching back
    • While your baby is enjoying tummy time (lying on their stomach on the floor), join them and do some exercises designed to help strengthen your core. These exercises can be found here.

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    When you’re a new parent, there is no time for a sore back. Dr. Irma can help you through adjustments, acupuncture, and specific stretches/exercises that will strengthen your muscles so you won’t have to worry about being bed ridden with a new born.

    To book an appointment with Dr. Irma, visit our website or call the studio at (905) 551-2456!

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