About Kinnect Studio

Kinnect Studio was founded in June 2015 by Bradford resident and chiropractor Irma VanAndel.

Dr. Irma realizes the importance of chiropractic care in addition to healthy lifestyle principles in order to have superior health.

Kinnect Studio gave Dr. Irma the opportunity to grow her practice as well as offer complementary health services (like massage therapy) and provide space for others to host yoga classes and workshop to benefit the community of Bradford West Gwillimbury.

At Kinnect you will find:

-> a supportive, positive community

-> a serene, intimate environment

-> life changing health solutions                                 

-> personalized health care

-> knowledgeable professionals

Dr. Irma talks about what inspires her practice:

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Why chiropractic?

Chiropractic ensures you have a healthy spine and nervous system. This is important because your spinal cord connects your brain to every single cell in your body. Chiropractic detects and treats misalignments of the spine (and other joints) which can hinder those connections.