Active Treatment Program (ATP)

Experience this therapeutic fusion of chiropractic treatment and yoga.

What is ATP?

Dr. Irma’s treatment philosophy includes alignment of the spine as well as therapeutic body movement. Dr. Irma found that when prescribing exercises to her patients, they were often done improperly and/or inconsistently, reducing their effectiveness. This brought about the idea for active treatment. This program is a therapeutic fusion of chiropractic and yoga principles, with a focus on core strengthening, back mobility, improving posture, and reducing stress. Classes are under Dr. Irma’s supervision, and are lead by Nicole, our office coordinator and registered yoga instructor, who is fully briefed on each patient.

When Can I Come to ATP?

In order to attend an ATP session, you must be an active patient of Dr. Irma.  This means that she has done a thorough consultation with you, to  assess your goals, needs, as well as limitations.

If you are a current patient, ask about the program during your next visit!

If you have not seen Dr. Irma before, book an initial consultation to get started!

ATP Pricing

This program is a chiropractic treatment, and will be billed as such.

$25 per person for a 30 minute group class (maximum 4 participants)