• Dr. Irma’s Thoughts on Baby Wearing

    Baby wearing has gained popularity in more recent years. Lots of parents enjoy the benefits of having their child close by without the inconvenience of a stroller or car seat. There are many different types of carriers to choose from, including slings, wraps, and soft structured carriers. Preferences differ from parent to parent.

    As chiropractor, I help keep joint structures properly aligned (most often the spine) so that, as a result, the body’s nervous system can do its job of communicating between brain and body without interference.

    I see the benefit in baby wearing because:

    • By spending less time on their backs, infants have a reduced risk of a flattened cranium
    • Being carried upright promotes the development of the infant’s neck muscles
    • Furthermore, baby wearing tends to be more ergonomically friendly for the parents than carrying a car seat

    As mentioned before, there are many different baby carrier styles out there. The decision of which one is a proper fit for you as a parent can be made by doing some research and trying out the different options.Here are a few things to considers from a chiropractic perspective:


    • Having the weight distributed over both shoulders instead of one side makes for better ergonomics, because the muscles on either side of the spine are more balanced
    • If there are shoulder straps, padding will reduce strain on the local structures
    • Does the carrier allow for different positions? Changing up the positions can be helpful as your baby grows, or as your physical needs change
    • Moms – the hormone relaxin can stay in your body for up to 9 months post-partum. Be attuned to your body’s needs and adjust accordingly


    • Make sure the infant’s is in a ‘frog-leg’ position where the knees are spread out and at about bum level. This encourages proper development of the hip joints. Make sure the infant’s legs aren’t dangling down, because this can predispose them to hip issues later on.
    • The best position for the infant is to be upright and face inward

    Having a chiropractic assessment and treatment done to fix joint misalignments in mom & baby is key to success as well! Make an appointment by visiting https://kinnectbradford.janeapp.com/#/staff_member/1.



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