• 5 Healthy Gift Ideas for Christmas

    The holidays are a time where we show our love and appreciation to the people we care about. One of the most common ways we show our appreciation is by gifting food, especially sweets like chocolates, cookies, and various pastries. But as you may notice, you start to accumulate so much of it all over […]

  • Why Drinking Water Is Important

    Drinking water and staying properly hydrated is key for optimal health and well-being. The recommended amount of water a person should drink each day is around 2 litres. Health professionals recommend having eight 8-ounce glasses of water, which equals out to approximately 2 litres. An easy way to remember how much water you should be […]

  • What Is A Baseline Concussion Test?

    The main concern when you or someone you know endures a concussion is what will it effect and will their brain function be different from before the concussion? Symptoms and recovery vary for everyone when a concussion occurs. Doing a baseline concussion test allows for pre and post-injury comparisons. The baseline test provides a safer […]

  • Chiropractic For My Baby

    Why bring my baby to a chiropractor? Chiropractic baby adjustments?! To some people, this seems like a really foreign and strange idea, potentially even dangerous. Isn’t chiropractic just for back pain, and why would babies have back pain? What are chiropractic baby adjustments? What would make a mom seek out the help of a chiropractor […]

  • Tips For Beating Blue Monday

    What Is Blue Monday? January 21st is known as the most depressing day of the year, being commonly referred to as ‘Blue Monday’. Monday is usually majority of people’s least favourite day of the week – reason being it is the first day back to work after a weekend of relaxation and free time which […]