• Stress & Pain 

    There is a huge link between stress and pain. With the holidays being the most stressful time of year for a lot of people, calls of back injury flare-ups, headaches, and other pain exponentially increase at the studio. Here are 4 tips to decrease the stress/pain cycle: 1. Meditate – spend time alone each day […]

  • heat vs ice

    Heat vs ice for pain relief

    Heat generally increases circulation to an area. Heat can help promote healing, muscle relaxation, and joint movement. ICE decreases blood flow. This can be helpful when inflammation or swelling is present. Some quick/general examples: Tight/aching muscles –> HEAT will increase blood flow and loosen up muscles Sprained ankle –> ICE there is an acute injury and we […]

  • Yoga & back pain – does it help?

    As chiropractor, I know yoga is a great way to build: strength flexibility and mind-body awareness. However, with improper posture or underlying back issues, it can actually aggravate back symptoms. Here are 4 things to remember about yoga and your back: If you can’t breathe in a posture, you shouldn’t be there While flexibility is important, […]

  • Bunions

    Bunions are a deformity where a bony bump forms at the base of the big toe. Often the big toe starts deviating toward the other toes. Unfortunately, bunions are usually inherited – however they can worsen by wearing tight fitting/narrow shoes or heels. Here are 4 things that may help: 1. Ice the area if […]

  • Are we really taller in the morning?

    After lying in bed all night, there is more fluid in the discs between your vertebrae. This makes the discs a bit fatter and ligaments more strained, leaving them more vulnerable to damage. You should wait at least 30 minutes after getting up to perform strenuous exercise. This phenomenon also explains why you are taller […]