• Tips To Prevent Back Pain on an Airplane

    back pain prevention during air travel

    Travelling can be a wonderfully exciting experience. However, it is often also accompanied by stress and discomfort. Often, you are sitting for long periods of time and carrying heavy luggage around. You may experience increased levels of stress from being in an unfamiliar place, trying to meet connections, etc. Travelling can also bring on new or re-aggravate back injuries and back pain. Here are a few tips from Kinnect’s chiropractor Dr. Irma for back pain prevention during air travel, with some additional tips from our favourite local travel agent Cheryl from Cruise Holidays.

    Pack smart
    • For your carry-on, try to bring a backpack which distributes the weight evenly, rather than an over-the-shoulder bag.
    • Checked-in luggage can get quite heavy, so be sure to invest in one that has 360 degree wheels. A suitcase which can roll on 4 wheels rather than 2 will help reduce the overall weight to carry as well as saving you from having to bend down awkwardly, which is great for back pain prevention.
    • Great luggage can be purchased from any major department store. Remember, you get what you pay for, spend the extra money on a quality suitcase if you want it to last for a few years!
    Pack light
    • If you don’t need access to items on the plane, put them in your checked luggage! This saves you from having to carry it for longer periods of time, and having to lift it into the overhead compartment.
    • The maximum allowance for checked baggage is 23 KG, which is quite heavy if you are not used to lifting heavy items on a regular basis. Be careful when lifting your bag to check it in, or picking it up off of the baggage claim.
    • Carry-on baggage can be 5-10 kgs (depending on the airline), so be sure to check the weight and size restrictions before selecting your bag.
    Seat selection
    • Regardless of how good your seat is on the plane, it’s a good idea to get up and go for a walk and perhaps to some stretches regularly. Picking an aisle seat will allow you to do just that without disturbing anyone in the process.
    • Extra leg room may be worth looking at, depending on your height. Some planes will have extra room near the emergency aisles, although that often requires an extra fee of anywhere from $50-100 per person. If you would like to choose this option, the best way to ensure you get these seats is to book them at the same time as you are booking your flight. Most airlines offer online check-in 24 hours before your flight, however, most of the “good” seats will already be taken by that time.

    To make your trip a little more comfortable, an easy accessory can go a long way. Here are a few of our favourites:

    • Neck pillow
    • Lumbar support – this can either be a little pillow, a rolled up piece of clothing, or maybe a blow-up accessory.
    • Refillable water bottle – this helps you stay hydrated. Just make sure it’s EMPTY when going through security.
    • Wear loose, unrestricted, breathable clothing for maximum comfort.
    • Wear comfortable shoes. Take shoes off during flight for increased blood flow
    Additional Tips for Comfort
    • All Prescription drugs should remain in the original containers and should be carried in your carry-on bag, which remains with you at all times.
    • Pack snacks (fruit, nuts, cheese, granola bars) to eat on the plane, especially for long journeys
    • Visit Kinnect Studio before your travel for a posture check and adjustment to ensure that you are optimally aligned before travel. Visit us when you return for the same, we’d love to hear about your trip! Te read more about chiropractic care, visit http://www.kinnectbradford.ca/chiropractic/. To book in, visit https://kinnectbradford.janeapp.com/.

    We hope that these tips will help with back pain prevention during travel, and that they will make your holidays that much more enjoyable!

    For more information about Cheryl and Cruise Holidays, or to book a trip, visit http://beourguest.cruiseholidays.com/.

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