• Chiropractic For My Baby

    Why bring my baby to a chiropractor?

    Chiropractic baby adjustments?! To some people, this seems like a really foreign and strange idea, potentially even dangerous. Isn’t chiropractic just for back pain, and why would babies have back pain? What are chiropractic baby adjustments? What would make a mom seek out the help of a chiropractor for her child?

    Well, turns out there are lots of reasons! Aligning the spine and reducing pressure on the nervous system has so many more benefits than just relieving back/neck pain. Chiropractic care for babies in particular can help improve their sleep, feeding, digestion, and development as well as reduce colic.

    1. How does this work?

    Chiropractors focus on the spine and nervous system. The nervous system innervates every single cell and system in your body, and is responsible for communication between brain and body. When a vertebrae is misaligned, it impedes that proper communication. In babies, this can lead to things like: poor digestion, trouble feeding, and colic. When chiropractors adjust a vertebrae, that provides a positive impulse to the nervous system, allowing it to function better.

    2. What are some clues that my baby or child should see a chiropractor?

    Misalignments in a baby’s spine often come as a result of childbirth. Since spinal misalignments can cause pain and/or dysfunction, some cues that may indicate your baby could benefit from spinal adjustments are:

    • Trouble latching (baby’s sucking and swallowing nerve pathways may not be communicating as well as they should be to allow for this)
    • Difficulty feeding on one side (this is a strong indicator of a neck or jaw misalignment)
    • Colic (baby is unhappy and may be feeling general discomfort)
    • Trouble digesting (crying episodes after feeding, cramping in the abdominal, unusual bowel movements)
    • One-sided dimples near the baby’s bum or low back
    3. What do chiropractic baby adjustments look like?

    Before any treatment is done, a thorough assessment will be performed on your baby. We start by going through your child’s prenatal history, birth history, and any concerns that have come up. Then, we’ll check things like reflexes, general milestones, and joint alignment.

    Obviously chiropractic treatments for a child or baby look very different from adult treatment. Babies are very pliable, and often just a gentle compression hold with a finger tip can be enough to adjust their vertebrae. The amount of pressure can be compared to that of testing a ripe tomato.

    Some babies find the treatment pleasant, other times they can be a bit irritated by the sensation. Often times, an immediate difference can be noted, such as a bowel movement, improved muscle tone, or sleepiness – the body has a unique response.

    Have any questions, or interested in having your child assessed by our chiropractor? Please don’t hesitate to contact us – Our chiropractor, Dr. Irma, would love to help you and your baby! Call us at the studio today (905) 551-2456 or email us at info@kinnectbradford.ca!

    YOU can also benefit from an adjustment if you have just had a baby! Check out our post-natal chiropractic care blog!

    We also offer online booking!

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