Chiropractor & Acupuncture Provider

What makes Dr. Irma’s approach so effective?

  • Dr. Irma spends quality one-on-one time with her patients, and will always ensure patients are well informed and educated.
  • A holistic approach is emphasized, considering the body as one entity and lifestyle a key component to health.

Conditions Treated

Since chiropractic care optimizes total body function, some examples of conditions Dr. Irma can help with are:

  • Stress
  • Poor posture
  • Pre and Post partum care
  • Menstrual pain
  • Neck/back pain
  • Headaches
  • General well-being

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Chiropractic Treatments

Chiropractic adjustments remove interference from the nervous system, allowing your body and brain to function at its best. Therefore, treatments have many benefits like: reducing pain, increasing energy, boosting mood (endorphin release), improving your immune system, and better brain function!

Dr. Irma’s treatments most often include:

  • Chiropractic adjustments – Done by hand, or assisted by a ‘drop-piece-table’ or Activator
  • Soft tissue therapy – minor stretching of the musculature to release tension
  • Acupuncture – to stimulate nerves or release muscle tension
  • Home advice – ex: exercise, ergonomic changes, and stress coping techniques.


Initial Appointment: $90

Initial Appointment Child Under 12: $70

30 Minute Follow Up (with or without acupuncture): $70

15 Minute Follow Up: $40


We offer direct billing, contact us for more information!


Amazing, never felt better, Dr.Irma took my “over 10 year” pain away using chiropractic and acupuncture methods. Never thought I would feel like this. I would recommend Kinnect 100%.   -M.

I haven’t had one headache since going to Dr. Irma. She’s comforting, outgoing, and friendly. The whole feel of the environment is relaxing and private.   -K

I appreciate very much your philosophy behind chiropractic care. I also enjoy your soft, relaxing, and effective approach.  -B

I saw Dr Irma for a Chiro visit after getting into a minor car accident. She spent time trying to relax my muscles before and after the adjustments. She was pleasant to talk to and deal with. I am excited to have found her and am pleased to be a patient of hers. – N

Dr. Irma made me feel extremely comfortable during my appointments. I felt immediately relieved of neck tension, as well as helping me with chronic back pain. – H

Dr. Irma, along with her team of professionals have done an amazing job with me recovering from my pain. I have been to several businesses for recovery, Kinnect Studio has been my favorite, by far! Highly recommended for Chiro, Massage therapy, Yoga, and to meet new people. Thanks again to Dr.Irma, Alyssa, Nicole, Mike, and the rest of the Kinnect Studio team! -M

I love Kinnect Studio! Dr. Irma is a knowledgeable chiropractor and takes a whole health approach. Kinnect has been instrumental in rebuilding my fitness so I can return to riding. -T