• 4 steps to better posture

    1. Posture Awareness
      1. When sitting at your desk, can your shoulders relax down when your hands are on the keyboard? Is your car seat close enough to the gas pedal so you are not reaching? When texting someone, do you hold the phone at eye level? You can only consciously change your behavior (posture) when you are aware of it. We spend many hours every day on electronic devices so adopting an ergonomically friendly position is important.
    1. Stretching
      1. Poor posture causes certain muscles to become tense over time. Besides causing discomfort, this can also decrease joint range of motion. Stretching these contracted muscles (like your pectoral muscles in the chest) will allow them to lengthen, which in turn makes it easier for your body to assume a correct position.
    2. Strengthening
      1. Strengthening core and other postural muscles gives your body the ability to hold your body in a correct posture for a longer period of time. Especially muscles in your back (like the rhomboids between the shoulder blades) often need to be strengthened.
    3. See a chiropractor
      1. Misalignments/restrictions in the spine can be due to postural or other stressors in life. Besides them maybe causing pain, they also make it difficult to for your body to maintain and move through postures. Getting your spine assessed and corrected by a chiropractor is necessary if you are looking to improve posture.

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