• Scoliosis

    ScoliosisEveryone has probably heard of the term scoliosis before. Most people also realize that it has something to do with the curves in your spine.

    But why is it important? And what can you do about it?

    Scoliosis refers to an abnormal sideways curvature of the spine. The spine may have either a C-shaped or S-shaped curve. It might be large enough to see just by looking, or the curve may be smaller and require a test to diagnose.

    Scoliosis can either be structural or functional. A structural abnormal curvature is irreversible. The spine may have grown with an abnormal curve due to genetics, disease, or more often, an unknown reason.  A functional curve is reversible, since it is caused by tight muscles or body positioning.

    Treatment options for Scoliosis

    It is important to see a health professional like a chiropractor if you have (or suspect you have) an abnormal curve in your spine. Scoliosis most often develops during childhood and adolescence, and should be monitored. An x-ray can identify the exact measurements of the curve, and whether the angle is of concern and needs more serious medical attention. X Rays can also track if there is any progression of the curve over time.

    As mentioned before, unfortunately structural scoliosis is irreversible. However, here is how chiropractors can help with this condition:

    • Assess the curve (to determine if it is functional or structural, how severe is it, what type of curve is it, etc)
    • Monitor the curve (if it progresses quickly, medical assistance may be necessary)
    • Treat the symptoms
      • Often there is a functional component to the curve, due to compensating mechanisms
      • Restore and maintain mobility in the spinal joints
      • Release tight musculature
      • Provide advice on exercise and lifestyle changes

    Are you concerned your child has scoliosis, or maybe you need a professional to help monitor their spinal curves? We would love to help!

    To book an appointment with Dr. Irma, please visit our online booking system or call 905-551-2456.

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  • Braden Bills says:
    October 4, 2017 at 10:13 am

    I feel like my spine might be curving, and I’m not sure what to do. It makes sense that I would want to get a professional to take a look at it for me! They could verify if it’s scoliosis and help me decide what I should do about it.