• Hockey

    Stretching your muscles is important, but please remember these 3 rules: don’t stretch a cold muscle; warm-up first don’t overstretch; it should not be painful don’t bounce when stretching If you are new to hockey, health professionals like chiropractors can do a check-up to ensure hockey is appropriate for you. For example, those without proper […]

  • Severe back pain – what do I do?

    Back Pain can sometimes come on quite suddenly and severely. Sometimes the pain can be so intense, any movement is difficult. Here are 3 tips to remember when you are in acute back pain: Ice : Putting ice on the area may help numb the pain a bit, as well as contracting the muscles. Often […]

  • chiropractic vs massage therapy – which is right for me?

    This is a common question I get asked. People often recognize they need care, but are unsure what kind of care is appropriate. Hopefully the following short explanation helps: Massage therapy stimulates blood flow, relaxation, and MUSCLE release. Chiropractic promotes SPINAL alignment, JOINT range of motion, and NERVE conduction. Chiropractors are doctors who have the ability to diagnose and can refer directly for […]