• Mom and Baby Yoga

    Kinnect Studio is offering Mom and Baby yoga classes, Thursday mornings at 11:00 am starting April 6th, 2017. If you have been considering signing up, but you are unsure if these classes are right from you, here are some reasons to join: Meet with other new moms Bonding time with Baby Exercise that is safe […]

  • 3 Little-Known Benefits of Yoga for Children

    Yoga for children is a fun way for kids to learn the basics of yoga poses, breathing exercises and meditation. The poses are designed to strengthen and stretch the body, with benefits that are commonly talked about (increased strength, increased flexibility, lower stress etc). Beyond the well-known benefits of yoga, here are 3 additional benefits your child […]

  • 4 steps to better posture

    Posture Awareness When sitting at your desk, can your shoulders relax down when your hands are on the keyboard? Is your car seat close enough to the gas pedal so you are not reaching? When texting someone, do you hold the phone at eye level? You can only consciously change your behavior (posture) when you […]