• Tips For Beating Blue Monday

    What Is Blue Monday?

    January 21st is known as the most depressing day of the year, being commonly referred to as ‘Blue Monday’. Monday is usually majority of people’s least favourite day of the week – reason being it is the first day back to work after a weekend of relaxation and free time which makes it harder for people to get back into the swing of things. Blue Monday is deemed the worst Monday ever. The date was calculated using factors of: weather conditions such as cold and lack of sunlight, breaking new year’s resolutions, being in debt, and low motivation levels.

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    10 Ways To Beat Blue Monday

    1. Exercise

    Exercise really helps to combat Blue Monday, specifically aerobic exercises such as cycling, swimming and running. Aerobic exercises boost the endorphins in your brain to leave you feeling calmer and happier. Even a short walk can help relieve stress.

    2. Treat Yourself To A Gym Membership Upgrade

    Dr. Irma, our studio’s Chiropractor and owner, helps combat Blue Monday by treating herself to a gym membership upgrade to use the steam room. Using the steam room has many health benefits such as lowering blood pressure, reducing chronic pain, helping with heart problems, and improving the look of your skin.

    3. Listen To Happy Music

    Find an upbeat playlist to put you in a better mood. Try listening to music in the morning when you are getting ready or showering. Listening to positive music at the start of your day ensures the rest of it will be positive too (or so we hope!). Our favourite positive playlist on Google Play is “The Happiest Pop Hits“.

    4. Try An Adult Colouring Book

    Grown up colouring has become an extremely popular way to de-stress. Colouring can help many people overcome Blue Monday. In fact, studies have shown that colouring has improved a person’s overall mood and well being by 25%. For free printable colouring pages, visit here.

    5. Pay It Forward

    Doing a random act of kindness can boost someone’s state of mind. If you go through the drive thru on Blue Monday, pay for person’s order behind you, give up your seat on the bus or train for someone you see standing, or even holding the door for someone behind you. By making someone else feel good, in turn you feel good as well.

    6. Stay Off Of Social Media

    Negative posts online that we see can make us feel glum. It is human nature to “compare up” rather than down so, when scrolling through posts one cannot help but feel worse than they did before they saw said post. Try to stay in tune with the real world for the day. You will find yourself feeling for full by talking to people in person rather than through social media.

    7. Be Grateful

    If you find yourself rather crabby, try writing a list of everyone and everything you are thankful for. This will help boost your mood by remembering everything that is important to you and brings you joy. If you are pressed for time, even sending someone a quick text or phone call telling them how much you appreciate them will not only make you feel better, but them as well!

    8. Try Aromatherapy

    Our sense of smell plays a huge role in our emotions and mental health. The right kind of scents can actually improve your Monday blues. Essential oils are able to bring those kind of scents into our lives. You can use essential oils by using a diffuser, adding a couple drops to your bath water, or by applying it topically to your inner wrists. Massage Therapy has also been shown to help decrease symptoms of stress and anxiety by reducing cortisol levels and heart rate. Adding in aromatherapy can make your experience even more relaxing! Our RMT, Alyssa, recommends lavender essential oil. Lavender is an essential oil linked to overall calmness and relaxation. 


    9. Try A ‘SAD’ Lamp

    Dr. Watson, our naturopathic doctor, recommends trying a light therapy via a daylight lamp. A daylight lamp helps to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder (hence the name SAD lamp) by improving your sleep and overall mood. A light therapy light mimics the natural outdoor light that we lack during the winter months. The Bradford Public Library has put in 2 light therapy lamps that are free to the public to use in efforts to help those in our community that struggle with mental illness. To learn more, visit here.


    10. Have An Epsom Salt Bath Before Bed

    Having a bath with Epsom salts helps to ease stress and promote relaxation your body. There are many more benefits than that, however. Epsom salt baths help to relieve pain and muscle cramps, helps nerves to function properly, helps prevent blood clots, and removes toxins from the body. Our RMT, Erin, says that epsom salts are made with magnesium. The magnesium is absorbed through your skin and promotes feelings of calmness and relaxation, thus promoting a better sleep.


    Even following just one of these tips will help you to better combat Blue Monday!


    Our staff of chiropractorsmassage therapists, and naturopathic doctor would love to help you feel your best!

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