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    Christmas Shopping: 5 Tips For Effective & Pain Free Shopping

    Christmas shopping can really take a toll on your back and body. For those who struggle from the aches and pains in your back, neck and shoulders from all the standing in line and carrying heavy bags, we have come up with a few tips to help reduce and prevent pain this holiday season.

    1. Do Not Carry a Heavy Purse

    We recommend not carrying a heavy purse, especially only on one side. Carrying a purse on only one shoulder can cause a strain on your neck, shoulder, and upper back. The pain mainly comes from the continuous pressure from the strap of your purse, which constricts your muscles. By only using one shoulder to hold your purse, it can cause lopsided pain. If your pain is only in one shoulder, chances are you only ever carry your purse on that side. Try switching shoulders every 20 minutes or so, or try wearing a cross body bag or back pack to help distribute the weight of the bag more evenly. If you really struggle with pain from carrying your purse, try to just bring your wallet into stores with you by sticking it in your coat pocket.

    2. Carry Your Bags Evenly

    It is very important to distribute the weight of your shopping bags evenly. Don’t try to carry all your bags in one hand. If there are shopping carts available, make sure to use them. If you are only buying a few items, it is still important you use them to avoid carrying unnecessary weight. If none are available (if you are at a shopping mall) it is suggested to make regular trips to your vehicle to drop the bags off so you are not carrying so many at a time.

    3. Purchase Heavy Items Last

    Referencing back to tip #2, if there are no shopping cards available, make sure you purchase your heavy items last. No one wants to carry around a 20-30 lb item while shopping for small knick knacks. If you are going to purchase a heavy item first, ask if you can leave it at the cash while shopping for your other items, or run it out to the car before continuing the rest of your shopping.

    4. Wear Comfortable Shoes

    Always make sure you are wearing comfortable footwear while shopping, especially for long hours! For women, although heels are very fashionable, they just aren’t realistic for shopping. Make sure you are wearing comfortable trainers, or some sort of boot with strong support and cushion. Health is more important than appearance!

    5. Make Shopping Easy

    Another great idea, although less personal, is gift cards! You can pick up gift cards from your local grocery store or drugstore and spare yourself the trips to the overcrowded malls and department stores. A great aspect of gift card giving is knowing that your gift receivers will be choosing a gift they really want, rather than hoping for the best when getting someone something. This idea avoids heavy carrying altogether!

    If you do want a more personal gift to give but still don’t want to endure the chaos of the crowds, online shopping is great. You can even choose to have your online purchases gift-wrapped, but if you prefer to do this yourself you can. Make sure you order the gifts a few weeks to a month in advance to be sure you get them on time (postal services get very busy this time of year, causing delays)!


    Christmas shopping can be an enjoyable task if proper planning and precautions are taken. If you are still feeling discomfort from the holiday shopping stress, make sure you book an adjustment with Dr. Irma.  It’ll be a gift to yourself to feel great and be better able to enjoy the holidays. Click here to book online, email us at info@kinnectbradford.ca or call our studio at (905) 551-2456.

    Happy Holidays!

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