Chiropractic services that are individualised, effective, and empowering!

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back manipulation


Chiropractic adjustments promote optimal alignment of your spine and pelvis. This helps reduce aches and pains, and is great for overall wellness. Our chiropractors use an individualised and hands-on approach.

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Interactive Metronome:

An innovative new treatment to help improve the brains ability to coordinate its many internal circuits. Great for adults & kids who have:

  • been diagnosed with ASD
  • been diagnosed with ADHD
  • speech & language delays
  • had a concussion
  • trouble concentrating
  • …and more!

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acupuncture treatment on womans back


Our acupuncture treatments target joints, muscles, and nerves. A current may be hooked up to the needles for additional benefit. Treatments are done by our chiropractor, and will be billed as such

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